License Plate Applications

Buying license plate frames at is easy and straightforward. Whether you’re an individual or an auto dealership simply go to our License Plate Frame Selection Guide below to find out which of our signature frames your make and model vehicle(s) require.  There you’ll also learn where your registration stickers are located in your state to ensure you order frames that accommodate them properly.  For help on how to install your new license plate frames go to our easy to use Installation Guide below.
License Plate Frames for Your Vehicle
This guide will help you find out what license plate frame will work best with your make and model vehicle and also your State’s license plate design.
If you’re buying a Framehandle License Plate Frames as a gift use this guide to help find out which frame accommodates their Vehicle and also their States license plate design.
License Plate Frames For Auto Dealers
Our patented license plate frame will give your customers an ergonomic auto accessory and display your dealership’s innovative nature!  They’ll keep their handy new frames on their cars and advertise your dealership for years.
Registration tag placement varies so remember to check our Selection Guide when ordering frames for your dealerships in other States.