License Plate Frames

Our innovative license plate frames are designed to look great and provide our customers with years of trouble free service. Don't settle for frames that appear bulky and cheap, our frames perform a useful task no other license plate frames can.
FrameHandle License Plate Frames
Finally, A smarter more ergonomic way to close your trunk.  Our Patented Framehandle license plate frame eliminates fingerprints and scratches while also adding a touch of class to your car!
Get your hands OFF your paintjob and ON to your Framehandle.
Standard License Plate Frames
Our Chrome License plate frames went through many revisions until we came up with the most tastefully tailored design we’ve seen on the road.  Everything from the radius of our edges to the reflective quality of our chrome plating was analyzed repeatedly with the utmost scrutiny.’s signature chrome license plate frames stand out from the crowd and are truly unique.
Custom License Plate Frames
Let us customize your license plate frame with your own creative phrase!
Our custom frames are CNC engraved unlike many of our competitors who use short lived decals.  Our method looks superb and guarantees a long life even in the harshest environments.