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Why Framehandles

At we offer the latest most sophisticated license plate frames available.  Our patented Framehandle is the only license plate frame that will make your life easier by providing an intelligent and ergonomic way to open and close your trunk lid.  



Our frames were styled with great patience and precision and will enhance the appearance of any car or truck on the road.  Our commitment to innovation and quality can be seen both in our highly regarded products and our countless positive reviews from our customers.


Our License Plate Frame protects your investment by keeping dirty hands and jewelry away from your vehicle’s paint finish.  You will be eliminating not only the possibility of damaging your car but also the dirtying of your sleeves as they drag across your trunk lid.  Framehandle is proud to be the only company to offer a License Plate frame that will improve both the utility of your vehicles and it’s appearance. 
Take a close look at our frames and notice the difference in beauty compared to our competition.  Our elegant design utilizes smooth yet modern contours and flawless chrome plating.


  • Beautiful high quality chrome plating.  
  • Strong, durable, fail proof design.   
  • Intelligent design allows easy application of registration stickers.  
  • Tastefully integrated, low-profile handle.


  • Provides a smarter, easier way to open and close your trunk lid or hatch back.
  • Eliminates smudges, finger prints and paint scratches from jewelry.
  • Adds a stylish and elegant appearance to any car.
  • Keeps your hands and sleeves clean and your car spotless.


...that will improve both the utility and appearance of your vehicle.