Standard License Plate Frames

If you're looking for a premium license plate frame for the front of your vehicle, (or the rear in the case that your car does not require our patented Framehandle) you're on the right page! Our standard License Plate Frames were styled to add a sophisticated finishing touch to everything from a Ford to a Ferrari.

Most license plate frames were designed to attract attention from shoppers in auto parts stores which leads to a gaudy and often bulky design. These License plate frames fight with your vehicle's styling for attention and do the opposite of what you were trying to achieve. Our License plate frames at were designed to complement your vehicles styling and enhance your pride of ownership.
If your car is American or Japanese you most likely have only two upper holes to attach your license plate rather than four.  This often results in a license plate frame that will vibrate against your car and possibly damage the paint underneath.  Having your license plate frame mounted with only two upper screws also leads to annoying rattles when both closing your trunk and driving on rough roads.  We at has solved these problems by including fasteners that secure your license plate to the frame and keeps them quiet and secure with rubber bumpers.  We also designed our frames to allow for easy, straight application of yearly registration stickers. Our License plate frames do not have to be removed every year to get your stickers applied properly. This feature is all too rare as can be seen by the countless crooked, wrinkled tags on most license plates.


  • Our license plate frames add a unique sophisticated touch to any vehicle and will satisfy even the most discriminating individuals. 
  • Customers enjoy our signature chrome license plate frame’s exceptional beauty and unequaled value.


  • With the help of numerous auto enthusiasts we created what we believe is the best looking license plate frame available.
  • Our strong, thick design ensures our frames will never break and will always provide that luxurious look you’re looking for.  


Nowhere else will you find a license plate frame designed to make your life easier.Our license plate frames add a touch of class to your vehicle and can provide a useful handle for opening and closing your trunk.